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5 out of 5

"I connected with Felisha (Gray) via a glowing recommendation from a colleague with impeccable judgment about such things. So expectations were high... but she still exceeded them. Dramatically. Warm and supportive, practical and skilled, thorough and efficient -- Gray Spaces transformed my chaotic home into an efficient machine for living a great life, but one that still felt 100% reflective of me and who I am and what I need and like. It was like magic. Cannot recommend her highly enough!"

-Matt F.

“Felisha was wonderful! She was thoughtful and kind throughout the process. She really listens to you. Everything was done professionally. There are multiple options/packages and the cost is reasonable. I started with the basic 3 hours and we accomplished more than I thought possible. The difference is amazing! I highly recommend Gray Spaces. I'm already planning a return visit at the end of the summer."

-Jenny L.

5 out of 5

Changing one's entire life at age 73 with physical impairments (due to unplanned yet forced move following death of landlady) seemed utterly impossible!! Where would I go and how would I get there? I wept and I prayed, then I searched online for HELP. Without a doubt I believe I was divinely led to Gray Spaces! Felisha Gray is not only the very best Professional Organizer you could possibly find, she is compassionate, patient, inspirational, enthusiastic and trust me, as a woman of God she has a servant heart that can help you tackle the most overwhelming situations with ease and grace. With her tremendous assistance I was able to find a new apartment, perfect for seniors. She superbly helped me tackle every task of purging a lifetime of "stuff" in downsizing to a much smaller place. She could complete in one hour what would otherwise have taken days to accomplish!  Seriously, we got through a garage packed full with tons of 14 year accumulation in less than four hours!! Her talent is superbly helpful no matter what you're dealing with and she's totally non-judgmental in dealing with embarrassing messes like I found myself in due to years of depression. We completed the move in less than a month and set up new home in one week. To me it's a miracle to be happily in a new home embracing life with joy and happiness again. God gets the glory - Felisha Gray gets the credit. I can honestly highly recommend her without hesitation or reservation. 
-Marilyn C. 

5 out of 5

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Just because your space doesn't or won't look like Pinterest or Instagram, doesn't mean that it's not organized, or that you can't start. At Gray Spaces we believe organizing is not just a "one-size-fits-all." We are all uniquely beautiful, and approach our situations at different financial levels - and there is nothing wrong with that! You don't need money to get organized. All you need is a positive attitude and a desire to be your best self.


A few hours can make a big difference, not only in appearance, but especially in functionality and within yourself. We don't encourage our clients to buy organizing materials before our process has begun; here are just a few transformations that we've done repurposing items our clients already had. Very few organizing items were purchased. 

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